Optimize your job posting on google

Optimize your job posting on Google

Our job tagging platform, increases your chance of discovery so you can hire the right talent.

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Optimize Google for job posts with our job tagging platform and SEO techniques. Make job posting searchable by creating optimize job description that are clear, targeted and searchable. Attract the most relevant and qualified job seekers to apply to your open roles.

Advanced Job Ads

Advanced Job Ads

Increase conversion and attract more motivated applicants by creating structured Job Postings that are indexed and searchable by Google.

Enrich your Postings

Enrich your Postings

Personalized and quick Job Posting features to make your jobs appear on Google with improved visibility. Highlight your job postings against other posts.

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Boost your Ranking

Create Job Postings to rank better in search results. Deliver high job ranking post with our job posting SEO techniques.

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Signup or log in if you already have an account. Choose a plan you desire and start posting on Google instantly.


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Paste the URL and let our tool crawl and scan your job post for the required data. Once verified, preview and publish.


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Once your job is posted on Google For Jobs, manage and track all your job post activity with our advanced statistical dashboard.


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Job postings have prominent place in search result pages. By featuring your logo, reviews, ratings, and job details, you let job seekers have a new avenue to interact with your postings and click through to your site. With structured data make your job postings eligible for special user experience.

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Our tool scans your post and identifies the attributes required for jobs to appear on Google.

With SEO for job postings ensure your jobs rank better in search results.

Track your daily job posting activity with our advanced AI platform.


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Google for Jobs intents to make the job search easier for candidates with magnificent search feature by aggregating job listings from different job boards and career sites and thus displaying them prominently on Google Search. Google for Jobs goes a step further. It's a specially developed search tool for job listings. It learns from the way adverts are put together, and the searches that users perform, and returns the closest matches it can.
73% of job seekers start their search on Google with roughly about 150 million searches on Google each month in the U.S. are job related. Historically, the job boards would compete heavily for top placement for job searches through both organic and paid channels. Today, Google for Jobs is fundamentally changing the job search business by rewriting the rules for how job postings appear in search results. For the longest time, job boards provided access to job seekers at scale - pay to post a job listing and applicants would apply in droves - but this approach is now ripe for disruption. While searches still do occur directly on the job boards, there is a dramatic shift underway in how job seekers find jobs today.
Yes, many job boards will pass their jobs to Google for Jobs. In addition, many of the job aggregation sites that have sprung up to feed traffic to the major job boards are also integrated with Google for Jobs. This is an option if you are willing to one: pay to post all of your jobs to an integrated job board, and two if you are willing to allow the job boards to siphon away your best applicants. Google for Jobs treats every Apply option equally so now your prospective applicants have to choose where to go to apply and your website is not an option. Once on the job board has pulled your best prospects to their site, they are going to maximize that click to display ads, potentially show other related jobs, and dilute your brand message. In addition, the job seeker experience degrades exponentially with each subsequent click and job seekers may never reach your careers page to learn more about what its like to work at your company.
Currently, Basic Plan users must have a public URL that our engine can crawl. If your jobs are currently hosted in an ATS that does not create a permanent public URL, we are currently providing Executive Plan for users so you integrate your ATS with our system. Executive Plan users are able to connect directly to their ATS and pull jobs from the ATS.
If GoPost is hosting your job for you, log in to your dashboard and all of your active jobs are displayed under Job Record section. You can view the current status of the job as Active/ Idle / Closed under 'Status' column.
GoPost offers recruiters to post up to 25 jobs with one month validity. Should you like to post more jobs, GoPost offers Enterprise Plan for users to post jobs in bulk at any one time. You can learn more about GoPost pricing packages here.
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